Case Study - Revolutionizing Cleaning Solutions: The Simoflex Story

Simoflex has established itself as a pioneering force in the distribution of high-quality cleaning solutions, focusing on the development of modular cleaning vessels tailored for vessel and drum washer systems. With a commitment to technical innovation, superior product quality, and exceptional service, Simoflex has aimed to deliver both ecological and economical benefits to its customers. Their long-standing experience and customer-centric approach have positioned Simoflex as a trusted partner in their industry.

Web development, CMS

Challenges and Objectives

Simoflex approached Uplantic with specific goals in mind: to enhance their online presence, to better communicate their unique value proposition to a global audience, and to streamline their customer engagement process. They recognized the need to modernize their brand identity in a way that accurately reflected their commitment to innovation and sustainability, and to design a digital experience that resonates with their target market.

Our Strategy

Uplantic deployed a multi-phased strategy encompassing a comprehensive analysis of Simoflex’s market positioning, a redesign of their digital platforms to improve user experience, and the implementation of a robust content strategy to articulate Simoflex’s brand story effectively.

Phase 1: Discovery and Planning

Uplantic initiated the engagement with an in-depth discovery session to understand Simoflex’s business model, its customer base, and the competitive landscape. This phase involved:

  • Stakeholder interviews to capture the company’s vision and objectives.
  • Market analysis to identify growth opportunities and customer needs.
  • Technical audit of existing digital assets to assess performance gaps.

Phase 2: Brand and Digital Revitalization

Building on the insights from the discovery phase, Uplantic crafted a tailored plan to revitalize Simoflex’s brand and digital presence. Key initiatives included:

  • Redefining the brand identity to highlight Simoflex’s commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability.
  • Designing a new, user-friendly website with enhanced functionality for product displays, customer inquiries, and content engagement.
  • Developing a content marketing strategy focused on showcasing Simoflex’s expertise, case studies, and the ecological and economical advantages of their products.

Phase 3: Implementation and Engagement

With a clear strategy in place, Uplantic moved to implement the redesigned brand elements across all digital platforms, ensuring consistency and coherence. The new website was developed with a focus on:

  • Streamlined navigation and improved user experience to facilitate customer journey.
  • Interactive product demos and detailed case studies to demonstrate the value and applications of Simoflex’s solutions.
  • SEO-optimized content to improve visibility and attract a broader audience.


The collaboration between Simoflex and Uplantic led to remarkable outcomes, including a significant increase in website traffic, enhanced brand recognition in the global market, and improved customer engagement metrics. The new digital platform not only serves as a comprehensive resource for Simoflex’s innovative cleaning solutions but also embodies the company’s vision for a sustainable future.

What we did

  • Custom CMS based on Drupal
  • Infrastructure
  • Strategy
  • SEO

Partnering with Uplantic has been a game-changer for Simoflex, propelling our brand to new heights in digital engagement and global reach. Their expertise and strategic approach have positioned us as leaders in our industry, exceeding our expectations at every turn.

Cornelius Mauch
CEO of Simoflex
Website Traffic Growth
40% Increase
Customer Engagement Rate
25% Higher
Operational Costs Due to Improved Efficiency
15% Reduction
Global Expansion Reach
6 New Markets

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