We fuse strategy and design
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Uplantic is a strategic design and software company with team members based all over the world.
We work collaboratively, let ideas arise, bring in our own perspectives and mix everything together.
At the core of all our activities we appreciate the value of new perspectives and are always open to new challenges.

We’ve worked with amazing people

  • Bertz
  • Clavicon
  • Deutsches Rotes Kreuz
  • Hagebau
  • Hettich
  • HGA Capital
  • Leibniz Universität Hannover
  • Miele
  • Simoflex
  • TUEV Nord
  • Volkswagen

Services - We help you identify, explore and respond to new opportunities.

Leverage tailored solutions that drive growth, enhance customer engagement, and set industry benchmarks. Our commitment to excellence ensures your venture not only navigates but leads in the competitive market landscape.

  • Strategy
    Engaging with Uplantic signifies the beginning of a transformative partnership for your organization. Our design sprint methodology is engineered to expedite the realization of your ideas into tangible prototypes, ensuring a swift market entry. This approach is not merely about acceleration; it integrates essential human values such as trust and creativity into the very fabric of your product offerings. Additionally, this collaborative process will fortify team cohesion and alignment, facilitating the attainment of your strategic objectives.
  • Design
    At Uplantic, your engagement with our digital design capabilities will redefine your approach to customer interaction and brand presentation. We will meticulously merge design with functionality, focusing on optimizing conversions and elevating customer satisfaction. Your brand will benefit from our expertise in creating recognizable, memorable, and innovative digital media, tailored for global reach and impact. Each project with us is a venture into expanding the limits of creativity and technological innovation, ensuring that the solutions delivered not only meet but surpass your expectations and those of your target audience.
  • Software
    Leveraging our expertise in cutting-edge and rigorously tested technologies, Uplantic is committed to equipping you with unparalleled next-generation websites, e-commerce solutions, and bespoke software. Our global footprint spans a diverse array of industries and business domains, including healthcare, education, e-commerce, finance and insurance, travel, automotive, among others. This extensive experience ensures that the digital solutions we provide are not only advanced in technology but also deeply attuned to the unique challenges and opportunities within your specific sector.

Partnering with Uplantic for our design needs was a decision that brought unforeseen value to our digital presence. Initially, we expected a high level of professionalism and creativity, but what Uplantic delivered went beyond our expectations. Their approach to marrying design with functionality brought a new level of sophistication and user engagement to our website and e-commerce platforms.


Together we create something great.

We team up with companies around the world of all sizes to develop and launch digital products that drive actions and generates results.


Case study

Elevating EightMLs Brand with AI-Inspired Web Design

EightML stands at the forefront of accelerating machine learning models, marking its territory as a key innovator in the AI sector. Offering engineers advanced tools to test and deploy machine learning models across various applications, EightML has carved out a significant niche for itself. Following an impressive €2.25 million Series A funding round, EightML is on a trajectory for exponential growth and industry dominance.


Case study

Revolutionizing Cleaning Solutions: The Simoflex Story

Simoflex has established itself as a pioneering force in the distribution of high-quality cleaning solutions, focusing on the development of modular cleaning vessels tailored for vessel and drum washer systems. With a commitment to technical innovation, superior product quality, and exceptional service, Simoflex has aimed to deliver both ecological and economical benefits to its customers. Their long-standing experience and customer-centric approach have positioned Simoflex as a trusted partner in their industry.

HGA Capital

Case study

Transforming Real Estate Investment: The HGA Capital Success Story

HGA Capital Grundbesitz und Anlage GmbH, with its profound expertise and a legacy spanning over half a century, specializes in real estate investment and asset management. Having facilitated investments exceeding 3.4 billion euros and serving around 20,000 investors, HGA Capital stands as a colossus in the industry, managing assets worth approximately 2.5 billion euros from its headquarters in Hamburg. At its core, HGA Capital prides itself on its entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to representing the interests of property owners.

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